Small businesses and SME’s can hugely benefit from SEO services however their business challenges are usually completely different to those of larger businesses. Your larger businesses benefit from significantly more marketing budget and resources to be able to deliver results that will benefit their business. Small businesses and SME’s may not have such luxuries and resources to deliver marketing results, so it’s important that when they look to start with SEO it is really about quality over quantity. You want to be working with an SEO specialist that:

  • Understands what can help a small business or SME move their SEO forward with smaller budgets
  • Understands how to get the most out of your investment
  • Understands the type of SEO that needs implementing

SEO truly is a specialist marketing channel and if you’re to invest in it as a small business or SME it’s important you work with an SEO agency or freelancer who understands how to deliver results using proven techniques that move the needle with every move.

At Egnetix Digital we believe in delivering SEO services to small businesses or SME’s whereby we can also help educate you in the process. It really is all up to you! We understand SEO can be new to a lot of small businesses and so the process of helping to educate clients on what is being delivered, helps also build your knowledge as to the perks of SEO. While we deliver you a first-class SEO strategy, we’ll be able to educate you constantly through the process, so you know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

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Transparent and strategic SEO services designed to deliver upon your objectives.


Ensuring technical aspects of a website are all there to increase the ranking of its web pages in the search engines.


Discovering the keywords and phrases that people use in search engines to ultimately optimise content.


Content copywriting service, focusing on handpicked keywords to drive results.


Ethically building your website authority with link building services.


Freelance wordpress developer expertise to enable web development.


Deliver SEO training fundamentals, driving value.


Google tag management setup to track the results important to your business.



We offer a range of SEO services to small business and SME’s which include:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • Link and Authority Building
  • WordPress Consulting
  • SEO training
  • Google Analytics Setup and Maintenance
  • And more…

Working with Egnetix Digital you benefit from 9+ years of marketing experience, so our SEO expertise goes far beyond SEO when giving you a full digital marketing expert to work with and rely on.

Our range of services span across all elements of SEO for small businesses or SMEs which include:


On-page SEO is one of the core pillars of SEO whereby the specific page you want to rank can be optimised directly to help it rank higher and drive further traffic within search engines.

We fully understand the aspects of on-page SEO and how to ensure your website is prepared and optimised to drive traffic through content being across web pages we’re trying to rank. We can help ensure your website has accurate:

  • Content
  • Web pages
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Headings
  • Internal Links
  • Anchor Texts
  • Images
  • Clear URL namings
  • Keywords
  • And more…


Off Page SEO another of the key pillars is the process of all the things you can do outside of your website that can influence your search engine positioning and rankings. This refers to link building, outreach, content marketing and more to name a few.

At Egnetix Digital we fully understand the importance of off page SEO in terms of how to implement it and when to execute it. Off page is very important across SEO and needs to be considered across most SEO campaigns. In working with a specialist like Egnetix Digital we manage the entire SEO process, and this includes off page SEO so we can fulfil the entire SEO strategy we present to you in the beginning.


Local SEO is an aspect of SEO whereby focus is on optimising a website to be found in local search results. Local SEO is important for a lot of business operating in a specific town, city or location.

When small businesses and SME’s are interested in SEO, what they don’t know is they’re specially looking for local SEO services. The strategy for trying to rank locally rather than nationally can be different. We will be able to decipher what type of SEO you need implemented and ensure it has the right strategy to get implemented. Local SEO is your opportunity to rank your small business in search engines dominating keywords your business is associated with. So when a customer’s searches for those keywords you come up as a high authority solution to the service or product their after.


Technical SEO refers to all the technical elements around your website that make it healthy website. Improving technical aspects across your website can help increase rankings in the search engines.

We understand the power technical SEO and the frequency of how often they need to be delivered. Search engines such as Google take careful consideration into the state of a website, for example:

  • How long does it take for webpage to load?
  • Are there any pages that do not load?
  • Are there duplicated pieces of content?

Technical SEO is an opportunity to conduct your website MOT and you need it to be as high as possible to ensure you give each ranking page the best possible opportunity to rank as much as possible.

When we look to work with small businesses or SME’s we assess their technical SEO very early on, so we can ensure the website is in the healthiest position before starting to build upon the SEO.


eCommerce SEO is another aspect of SEO that refers to the methodology required to rank an online store and its products and categories so when they’re search for, they rank in the highest possible search engine positions.

If you’re a small business or SME operating as an eCommerce store than SEO will be extremely important to your business. We understand the importance SEO plays as a great foundation across eCommerce stores. Ensuring your website, category pages and products are ranking as high as possible is important. However, we understand how to strategise SEO for eCommerce stores, so your SEO investment is delivered in the right areas to deliver you the best return on your SEO investment.

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Small businesses and SMEs need SEO as it can help to drive qualified potential customers to their website which can directly increase business revenues. When small businesses setup and operate websites it’s an opportunity to create an online storefront which can drive in traffic and ultimately business from customers who are currently looking for your services or product.

Think of your website as being an extension of your sales process or sales team. While you deliver your business services your website can be consistently delivering you clients or customers which can be translated into business revenue.

Ensuring you are working with an SEO freelancer or agency will ensure your website is best setup for ranking as highly as possible within the search engine to deliver your clients or customers to your business who are likely in-market for your service or product.

SEO services are services that are typically delivered by an agency or SEO freelancer business like Egnetix Digital for a business who are looking to rank as highly as possible in search engines for the service or product they deliver.

Egnetix Digital provide full SEO services which means we’re able to manage the entire SEO process for you from start driving it to success. The SEO services will include:

  • SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • Off-Page Optimisation
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Monthly Reports
  • And more…

SEO consultancy services gives you the opportunity to work with an SEO freelancer like Egnetix Digital that can carry out your much needed SEO for you. You benefit from SEO services being implemented and not having to have the service in-house however what is positive is that SEO consultants can become an extension of your internal team to deliver you the SEO services you are after.

If you are interested in bringing SEO in-house or training up someone of your team to take care of the SEO then we can also help in an SEO consultant capacity whereby we we’ll teach you every we know to be able to deliver SEO yourself.

SEO is extremely important for small businesses as it helps to drive customers to your online storefront which could result in business for the service you offer or products you sell. When your SEO starts to take effect, it can form a very strong foundation for your business driving in customers regularly and the positive is that when customers search for queries on search engines, they’re likely ready and in-market to spend money on what it is exactly they’re looking for. For this reason alone, SEO is important. We can help ensure your business is perfectly placed online to deliver you the traffic that’s likely to convert into customers.

SEO tends to be the cheapest marketing channel to invest in for a lot of small businesses which is considered to be a huge benefit for such businesses. SEO is an opportunity to drive customers to your online store front which is an extension of your business that helps to drive in customers and ultimately revenue. Investing in SEO can help deliver:

  • Increased traffic (potential customers who are qualified)
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved business margins
  • Awareness and Branding
  • Credibility and Trust

SEO services for small business are delivered at a range of different costs depending on who you’re working with. One of the largest differences is if you work with an SEO freelancer like Egnetix Digital or if you work with a fully-fledged SEO agency. A fully fledged SEO agency tends to be a lot more expensive over working with a freelancer.

Small businesses can expect to pay anywhere between £300 – £750 + VAT a month for SEO services when working with a freelancer. The lower end will just cover on-page and technical SEO likely without off-page SEO. Whereas the higher end will cover all pillars of SEO. It’s important to confirm what your monthly retainer includes so you know exactly how far but also what your budget will deliver for you every month.

It’s also important to keep in mind like any other channel, the more you invest, the quicker an SEO specialist can get your SEO moving. So, by going for a cheaper rate, your SEO strategy can commence however it can move slower.

SEO freelancers like Egnetix Digital are perfect for delivering SEO services for small businesses. They’re usually individuals with years of experience in SEO and marketing who have ventured out to become freelancers and consultants. Positively, you’re still working with a professional who has a wealth of experience. Also likely at a cheaper cost. Whereas when working with agencies you will find you are paying much more for a lesser service and experience.

As a freelance SEO specialist, we’re able to integrate into your business and also be more flexible about how we operate and deliver your SEO strategy.

Investing in SEO with Egnetix Digital enables you the opportunity to work with someone who has 9+ years experiences in online marketing. It’s this particular experience that allows Egnetix Digital to deliver SEO for clients that moves the needle with a purpose. We are able to complete a full SEO audit so you know exactly what the issues are that need to be addressed with your website for SEO and we can support you in the entire process moving forward to ensure your SEO strategy is being delivered but being delivered with results.

When looking to choose your SEO professional to carry out your SEO vision, it’s important you complete your diligence. That’s why it’s important to:

  • Ask for references
  • Have specific goals in mind
  • Ask for sample work
  • Ask for case studies
  • Look for professional communication
  • Ask Questions
  • Ask for an SEO audit

We’re confident in our ability to deliver you the SEO services that you are after, so we want to ensure you ask all the right questions not just to us but to any companies or individuals you are considering for SEO services. It’s important to do your diligence so you move forward with an SEO specialist who plans to deliver you exactly what you want in your SEO.

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