How we Achieve your goals

What you can expect from Egnetix Digital to achieve your business growth

Planning your sEO campaign

Pre-Campaign | Understanding your requirements

Once you’ve expressed an interest to work with Egnetix Digital we will schedule a call or a meeting to discuss your business and your business requirements. Ultimately, we will understand where you want visibility when it comes to appearing across search engines. We pride ourselves on ensuring all our SEO campaigns are tailored to ensure we can drive you the best possible results. This stage enables us to answer so many questions from both sides which will all get documented.

Pre-Campaign | Site Audit

If you’re an existing business that already has a website URL, we will conduct a pre-campaign analysis to identify opportunities for improvement which supports your business requirements.

Pre-Campaign | Beginning your SEO Campaign

Before we start your SEO campaign, we’ll setup Google Drive which will host and store all documents and files created for your SEO campaign. You’ll have access to a Project Work Plan, so you know the months strategy and tasks that need to be complete. In addition, you’ll see exactly when I have completed tasks and also what I plan to work on next for your SEO campaign strategy. You will have complete and full visibility on the work being carried out for you.

Month 1 | Tracking, Keyword Research and Quick Wins

Firstly, we will begin with ensuring you have all the required tracking installed to ensure we can monitor current search engine results and how we improve moving forward. Once complete, we’ll commence will Keyword Research. This will enable us to identify the Keywords or phrases your business or website URL should be ranking for online within search engines to increase traffic. This will allow us to find keyword opportunties you are not getting the best out of yet.

Then we will focus on quick wins. What can we change almost instantly that would show an improvement in the search results. We’ll have all of these documented ensuring they are are implemented within the first month.

Month 2 | Technical Fixes

At the start of the 2nd month Egnetix Digital will then shift their attention to carrying out a Technical Analysis. SEO requires off-page optimisations to ensure the best possible search engine results. We will identify the technical fixes that will be required and we can either pass them onto your web developers or we could simply carry out the improvements ourselves if you give us access.

Month 2 and Beyond | Content Optimisation

If you already have an existing website for your business, we will focus on reviewing existing content and seeing if we can improve the content to compliment your SEO campaign. Then looking beyond the existing content, we can support you in developing new content based on your keyword research. This will ensure content is being created with purpose complimenting your keyword research. The strategy we build out for you here will ensure your content helps to get you found across search engines and getting ranked as highly as possible.

Month 4 And Beyond | Authority Building

Once we have focused on building the foundations in the first 3 months for your SEO campaign we will then turn our attention to Authority Building. Building ethical, impactful, relevant backlinks for your business across the openweb. You will have full visibility on all links we create for you which will be available within the Google Drive.

Moving Forward | Reporting

Along with the Project Work Plan you will be provided within the Google Drive to monitor progress, we will provide monthly reporting. Monthly reporting will ensure all tasks are reported on and what were the results of optimisations. Identifying how it may have affected your search engine rankings across the month so you can view the ongoing progress.