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Egnetix Digital are a search engine optimisation freelance business based in Kent that supports small to medium businesses and advertising agencies with their SEO requirements.

We aim to ensure that our clients receive first-class SEO solutions that are deemed as affordable SEO services throughout the UK. Egnetix Digital understands SEO services can break the bank for business owners. Therefore we have designed a suite of SEO services for businesses. We support business owners with search engine optimisation, providing freelance SEO services. Above all we are SEO experts, we provide our services on flexible rolling monthly agreements as a result you will never have to commit to a long-term contract again for your projects or services that require attention!

Check out our suite of search engine optimisation services to learn more about how we support brands, services and advertising agencies. We specialise in SEO strategy, technical audits, copywriting services and link building.

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Looking for a freelance SEO Specialist?

Hiring a freelance SEO specialist comes with several advantages. Firstly, you are in a great position to receive experienced one to one consulting to discuss the requirements of your project. You will be working with a dedicated SEO consultant who will be your main contact throughout the length of your project. In addition, working with a freelancer also ensures you benefit from a flexible agreement. If you were looking to spend less on a campaign as money was tight, that option exists. However, if you were looking for search engine exposure much more sooner, requiring more resources to get things moving quicker, let us know. We would happily accommodate.

We also support advertising agencies who also take on clients with SEO requirements. Advertising agencies can find themselves lacking resources to fulfil their clients search engine optimisation strategies however we offer the expert services you would want in an SEO freelancer.

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Supporting Businesses with SEO in Kent

Having worked across multiple brands and advertising agencies within the UK and beyond, we believe such expertise can also transform small to medium businesses that are interested in SEO in Kent. A Kent SEO consultant will know all the best practices to get you to rank in search engines for the area. Why such a focus on SEO in Kent? The answer to that is simple, it’s where I am from, grew up and continue to live. The opportunity to support local businesses who need SEO experts means supporting businesses who are determined to find that next level. Although we have a focus on Kent we are 100% committed to supporting any business requiring SEO services throughout the UK.

As you try to grow your business, local search experts can support with your website because they can optimise for better search results so you can drive more customers to your business. Freelance SEO can be made so much easier for business owners and Egnetix Digital does just that.

Egnetix Digital focuses on making a difference ensuring every company who is interested in SEO services receives a fair and honest level of service. As a result supporting businesses in reaching their goals, regardless of their budget. It is these values that has driven us to be an SEO specialist in Kent. We allow your money to go so much further as a result building long lasting relationships.

Why do we offer kent sEO services?

Kent, located in the South East of England as of March 2019 has 62,920 businesses. A significant high proportion of them are based in construction, professional or technical industries. Local SEO and a Kent based SEO consultant is needed because there are so many businesses in Kent. There is significant competition to try and stand out. Freelance SEO in Kent can help you on that Journey.

Do you work with Advertising agencies?

We specialise in working with advertising agencies and businesses. SEO expertise are required by all types of businesses. Advertising agencies can also benefit from freelance SEO specialists because they tend to need temporary resources. So if you are a Kent SEO agency think of us as your SEO expert in Kent. We can be an additional member to your team to help clients reach their objectives. We are committed to supporting businesses and agencies in Kent and beyond to help achieve client objectives.

About Egnetix Digital

Egnetix Digital is setup by myself, Moses Alausa, who has 8+ years in online marketing. Across 8 years I have been working with brands and advertising agencies. Increasing traffic, increased revenue, increased leads and more. My experience spans across search engine optimisation, social marketing, digital marketing, marketing strategies and using a varied amount of digital marketing tools.

My passion in marketing businesses and ensuring growth has now seen me focus on search engine optimisation. If you are looking a Kent SEO consultant, then please get in contact with me. Search engine optimisations importance is sometimes undervalued as it does not focus on on short term ROI. However, it’s value enables you to build a marketing foundation. A marketing foundation which can lead the forefront of your business and the revenue you drive in. I thoroughly enjoy SEO and enjoy working with real businesses helping them grow further. So if you are looking for that next step, do not waste any time and get in touch.

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Search Engine Optimization Freelancing and WordPress Consulting.

SEO Services and Strategy

Transparent and Ethical SEO services designed to deliver upon your objectives.

Technical SEO

Ensuring technical aspects of a website are all there to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines.

WordPress Consulting

Freelance wordpress developer expertise to enable web development.

SEO Training

Deliver SEO training fundamentals, driving value.

Link/Authority Building

Ethically building your website authority with link building services.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Discovering the keywords and phrases that people use in search engines to ultimately optimise content.

Content Creation and Optimisation

Content copywriting service, focusing on handpicked keywords to drive results.

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